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Welcome to Cypher Gaming

Welcome to Cypher Gaming, the home of community focused Gaming.

Cypher Gaming provides a place for members of its many gaming servers, as well as anybody interested in gaming and technology, to get together and discuss the latest news, review the games they play and join together for games.

On the forum you'll find sections dedicated to the servers we host, as well as topics for discussing games you may already have, or are interested in purchasing.

Here on the website you'll find information on the servers we provide as well as any extra services such as Teamspeak that we have available, as well as the control panels for using our services. You can also find tutorials on how to use our services, and a news page, detailing the latest news on Cypher Gaming.

History of Cypher Gaming

Cypher Gaming is an online gaming community that has been running since 2008. Originally with a handful of members and a single SA:MP server, it has now seen over 250,000 registrations since opening on the 2nd of January 2008, and continues to see new members joining all the time.

Cypher Gaming has always been lucky enough to have one of the friendliest and most diverse communities around. Spending 5 minutes on our forum will show you exactly what this means, with members from all over the world posting regularly.

We have always had a heavy involvement with multiplayer modification SA:MP for the popular GTA game San Andreas. SA:MP allows for hundreds of GTA enthusiasts to join together and play on a server together, for more information on this, see the SA:MP section in the sidebar.