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Welcome to Cypher Gaming

Welcome to Cypher Gaming, the home of community focused Gaming.

Here on the site you can find out information on everything Cypher Gaming, from our servers, the games our servers run on, and any other services that we offer.

Below you'll find the latest news regarding Cypher Gaming, simply click an article to get the full story.

'Cypher RPG - V1.0F (Bugfix)' - Posted by Redgie on 9th September (2 replies - 3439 views)

- Short-cuts for Achievements (/ach(ievements)) and Gang Info (/ganginfo)

- Spec bug stopping local communication working
- Spec bug removing player weapons, removing wanted level and setting the wrong interior
- Bug allowing players to go from the double XP (Or any) stronghold to the church stronghold
- "Time well spent" and "They see me rolling" achievement triggers now fixed (Will increment while online and are ...

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'Cypher RPG Signatures' - Posted by Redgie on 6th September (8 replies - 3551 views)

For those of you who do not already know, CRPG offer automatic signatures that give details about your CRPG account. To use the signature on the forum, simply use the following code, replacing "YourID" with your user ID:

To find your User ID, navigate to the [url=http://www.cyphergaming.co.uk/rpg/ucp]UCP[/url], log in, then navigate to the [url=http://cyphergaming.co.uk/rpg/ucp/profile.php]profi...

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'Cypher RPG - V1.0E (Bugfix & Small Additions)' - Posted by Redgie on 5th September (0 replies - 2221 views)

- Re-added ability to sell HQ (Via PDA)
- Added lock for SFPD vehicles
- Added "ding" noise to levelling up
- Events are now more random (Old addition)
- Street cars now have a respawn time of 10 minutes
- Car color cost reduced to $2,500
- Car towing cost reduced to $500
- Added TIP regarding RRP
- Ally radio now shows in orange
- /admins now goes in rank order
- Added priest skin

- Trucks...

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'Cypher RPG - V1.0D (Bugfix)' - Posted by Redgie on 3rd September (0 replies - 2171 views)

[b][color=red]Please Note: Due to one of the below fixes, all weapon skills have been reset. Please do not complain, as chances are you know full well you only paid < $100 instead of the proper prices[/color][/b]

- Weapon upgrades now charge properly (All weapon skills reset)
- Spectating no longer classes you as being in the turf of your target
- You can no longer multi-tag a spot
- Fixed issue with some players not getting a PDA
- Turfs now f...

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'Cypher RPG - V1.0C (Bugfix)' - Posted by Redgie on 30th August (0 replies - 2126 views)

- Added /ajail and /unjail

- Only allies should now see /ar
- Money is now taken for changing gang color
- Turf war messages now only display to relevant gang members (In the same turf)
- Added a check on to the last trucker checkpoint to ensure you're using the right vehicle
- SFPD officers now receive their pay properly
- Fixed issue with pizza backpacks not being used properly
- Fixed issue with skins resetting ...

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'Cypher RPG - V1.0B (Bugfix)' - Posted by Redgie on 30th August (0 replies - 2251 views)

This was done yesterday, but not posted at the time


- Races are now 50% likely every activity
- Time between activities reduced to 9 minutes

- "All your fish are belong to me" Now only needs level 25 fishing to activate
- XP now carries over with PayDay
- Gang skins now work properly
- Resigning now removes checkpoint from race point based jobs (Such as cropduster)
- Removed gates and locks purchased for HQs prior to releas...

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'Cypher RPG - V1.0A (Bugfix)' - Posted by Redgie on 28th August (0 replies - 2165 views)

- Spelling Mistakes
- Fixed issue with Car Enthusiast achievement showing as -1
- SFPD members now properly receive their bonuses
- Fixed a couple of issues with SFPD detaining (/arrest)
- Fixed one cause of the odd wanted level bugs (And hopefully all of them - Time will tell)

[b]Changed (Some temporary, some permanent)[/b]
- Reduced a number of costs (Tube, Activities, Stunts, Base Jumps)
- Altered some pays (Decreased illegal valet, I...

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'Cypher - Explained for the First (Well, technically Second) time.' - Posted by Redgie on 27th August (7 replies - 3057 views)

I realise some of you may already know, or have guessed, what exactly Cypher is, but for those of you who don't, here you are.

Cypher has become an ambiguous word over time, it now refers to two things, the Cypher Project (AKA Project X), and the Cypher Server (AKA Cypher RPG or CRPG).

[b]Cypher Server[/b]
The idea for the Cypher server has been around since the first time someone on RRP said “What if we went back to the Pug’s Script?”. At this point people became...

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'Server Address - CypherGaming.co.uk:5300' - Posted by Redgie on 26th August (0 replies - 2289 views)

The Cypher RPG server can be accessed using "cyphergaming.co.uk:5300" as the IP address in the SA:MP client....

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