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Welcome to Redgie's Role Play (RRP)

Welcome to Redgie's Role Play (RRP), the flagship and founding gaming server for Cypher Gaming!

Redgie's Role Play (RRP) is the flagship Cypher Gaming server, and the community that founded Cypher Gaming itself. RRP is a light Roleplay server running SA:MP (San Andreas Multi-Player).

You can be whatever you want to be, from a drug dealing, gang running crime boss, to the Chief of Police for the city of Los Santos. As long as you can roleplay it, you can do it!

At RRP, you can:
- Purchase and Customise a House, Business, Car, Boat, Aircraft and Garage
- Create or Join a Gang, as well as an HQ, Gang Vehicles and Weapon Shipments
- Join a legal faction, such as the Police Department or Emergency Medical Services
- Get a legal job working with other players, such as Taxi Driver, Trucker or Delivery Boy
- Get a not-so legal job such as Drug Smuggling, Gun Dealing or Drug Farming
- Much, much more...

Server Details
Type of Server: SA:MP (See the sidebar for more details)
Server Address: cyphergaming.co.uk:7777
Server Password: None

Below you'll find the latest news regarding RRP, simply click an article to get the full story.

'Double Donation Points on donations over £5' - Posted by Redgie on 5th June (10 replies - 2670 views)

Hi all, due to unforeseen financial circumstances (See my "Back!" topic in joining / leaving), I'm in pretty desperate need of some donations. As such I've enabled double donation points for all donations over £5, and will keep this offer open until enough has come through to cover the server for a few months. See the [url=http://ucp.redgies-rp.co.uk/donate.php]donation page[/url] of the [url=http://ucp.redgies-rp.co.uk]UCP[/url] for more information....

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'Redgie's Role Play V1.5.10' - Posted by Redgie on 22nd May (4 replies - 2051 views)

Right folks, here's the changelog for V1.5.10. This update is mostly focused on the new fuel system :)



- Fuel system (Explained Below)
- Fuel delivery activity

- Issue with 24/7's incorrectly paying businesses
- Several small ingame bugs
- Improved efficiency of numerous script areas
- Fixed some UCP bugs


[b]The Fuel Sys...

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'Suggestions Board Rearranged - 14/09/2012' - Posted by Redgie on 14th September (0 replies - 1648 views)

As of today the suggestions board has now been rearranged to bring it into line with the new CRPG suggestions board format. While it will look mostly the same, there are a few changes.

[b]No more "Added" Board[/b]
While it is nice to see what's been added over the years, now that we have regular changelogs, there is always some way of seeing what was added when. Once an update has been applied, and work on the next update begins, the "Accepted" board will...

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'Redgie's Roleplay - Server IPs' - Posted by Johnny on 2nd January (0 replies - 2979 views)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer Roleplay Server IP:


Teamspeak 3 Server IP:


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'Serious RRP related discussion only.' - Posted by Redgie on 1st October (10 replies - 3030 views)

This board is for the sole purpose of discussing [b]RRP[/b] related things in a [b]serious[/b] manner.

This extends to the following topics of discussion:
- RRP's server, Forum, Radio & UCP.

Anybody found a) discussing unrelated subjects or b) making immature posts, will be temporarily banned from the forum.

Please do not post images unless they are directly relevant to the [b]original post[/b] or a discussion ...

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'RRP SA:MP Forum Advertisement' - Posted by Redgie on 27th May (12 replies - 8111 views)

This will be posted on the SA:MP forum every month. It is here so it is kept as a backup for when it is deleted (Monthly) on the SA:MP forum. If you have any ideas on how to improve it feel free to post them here.

[center][size=30pt][color=red][url=http://www.redgies-rp.co.uk]Redgie’s Role Play -[/url][/color][/size][/center]
[size=15pt][b]Quick Info[/b][/size]
[b]Server Owner:[/b] Redgie
[b]Server IP:[/b] redgies-rp.co.uk /

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'*Redgie's Role Play - Forum Rules*' - Posted by Peem(1) on 1st September (0 replies - 3056 views)

[b][size=4]Forum Rules[/size][/b]

[b]Rule number one: Spam[/b]
Do not post messages that have no constructive content at all. It is developing, informing or in any other way improving then go ahead and post it. But messages such as shortnings (lol) or smileys (xD) shall not be posted as the only content of a message in any other board than the board - 'Off Topic Discussion'. This goes for topics and polls as well, obviously.

[b]Rule number two: Offensive Pos...

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'*Redgie's Role Play - Crew List*' - Posted by Peem(1) on 12th January (0 replies - 9142 views)

[b]Redgie[/b] (Server Owner, Scripter, Lead Admin)
[b]Raul Guerrero[/b] (Level 10 Head Administrator)
[b]Julio_Vela[/b] (Level 9 Head Administrator) (Gang Moderator)
[b]Michael Clark[/b] (Level 9 Head Administrator)

[b]Brennan Akiba[/b] (Level 8 Senior Administrator)
[b]Shadow Pot[/b] (Level 8 Senio...

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'*Redgie's Role Play - Server Rules*' - Posted by Oggy on 2nd January (0 replies - 5187 views)

[size=6][b]Redgie's RolePlay's Server Rules:[/b][/size]
[size=14pt][i]Violating these rules can get you Admin jailed/Kicked/Banned[/i][/size]

[b]1.[/b] Do not meta- and/or powergame.
[b]2. [/b][color=maroon]Role-play at all times unless you're in admin-jail. Only administrators are allowed to be around OOC and are allowed to interrupt RP situations OOCly. [/color]
[b]3.[/b] Do not use any hacks, cheats or modifications that give you an advantage...

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