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In the Beginning

Redgie's Role Play (RRP) opened publicly on the morning of January 2nd, 2008. Development on RRP has been ongoing for around a month before the release date. At this point Redgie was lead admin and scripter for Pug's RL-RPG, an RPG styled Roleplay server that had been running for a few years beforehand. Redgie wanted to try running a server himself, and so with financial backing from fellow Pug's player Armani, Redgie was able to establish RRP.

At this point, RRP was running on a free SMF forum with a basic script hosted by GTA-Host (A popular SA:MP host of the time).

On the 2nd of January 2008 the server went public, getting immediate interest from Pug's players as well as players from all over SA:MP. The server quickly exceeded its low 32 player slow limit and began to upgrade, growing bigger and bigger every few weeks.

Eventually Armani left RRP and so the server needed to be funded from elsewhere. RRP began accepting donations to help pay for server hosting, and has been doing so ever since.

Throughout the life of RRP, there have been a number of large updates, each revolutionising the way the server works. Some of the larger updates included the use of bots for public transport, new dynamic vehicle ownership systems, an online User Control Panel, a MySQL based storage conversion and hundreds of smaller features along the way.

The server now operates as part of Cypher Gaming, a worldwide gaming community of which RRP acts as the flagship server. RRP is now hosted on a dedicated server along with all of its web content, and allows players to join a Teamspeak server while playing.

As of 2012 RRP is still being developed, and will continue to be devloped as long as players are around to enjoy it, but even long after RRP closes, hopefully Cypher Gaming and its community will be around to remember it.