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 Getting Started on RRP

Below is a guide on how to get started on RRP, it covers everything from San Andreas itself, to registering an account on RRP

1. Obtain a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC
 - Ensure you are using version 1.0. If you are not, see here to downgrade to 1.0.

2. Download and install the latest version of SA:MP (Clickable).

3. Open the SA:MP program and enter a name for yourself near the top of the program.
 - It is advisable to use a Firstname_Lastname format.

4. Press the tick button to add a new server.

5. In the text box enter redgies-rp.co.uk as the IP address and press OK.

6. Double click the newly added server "Redgie's Role Play" and press connect.

7. Once the server has loaded, register your new account by entering a password.
 - You may need to change your name before being able to register your account if it is already taken
 - All password are stored encrypted so don't worry about data security

8. Follow the tutorial and pay attention to the chat box.
 - Use /ask to ask the admins a question, or /help to help yourself
 - Once the tutorial is over, use /o to speak to the public and introduce yourself